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Game News
<//At Worlds End\\>

Name: At Worlds End
Server: US - PvP
Faction: Sith Empire
Type: Heavy Progression PVE, Team based PVP
Recruitment: Anyone, Success is the mission!
Raid times: Multiple. There's always going to be different people on at different times!
Goals: Top 100 progression guild (PVE), organized and dominant team play (PVP)

About ATW
- All Leaders (some not listed) have been in VERY successful Guilds or Linkshells depending on the MMO.
- We're helpful, for us to be successful, we want YOU to succeed.
- A very functional website is in the making with info on raids, events, and comms.

We're a bunch of laid back people who want to have alot of fun, Were experienced MMO players and want the best for this guild. Wre not like other guilds with SUPER strict rules/laws that people have to abide, we just ask that everyone avoid drama(NO ONE wants that) and respect your fellow guild members. If events are setup, we generally expect all members to be there unless real life gets in the way, its understandable. Once we have our full Vent or Teamspeak server up, we want members to be on so we can communicate more and better.

Heres some extra info!

Who We Are Looking For:

Individuals who:

Enjoy a structured and fun environment
Can work well in a group environment
Are mature
Are interested in End-Game Content such as raiding and instances
Are interested in PvP and Arena
Can meet raid times and guild requirements
May want to participate in social, levelling and RP events
Have access to a microphone or headset for communication
Active within the guild community

What We Are Dedicated To Do For You:

Provide a diverse, structured, and fun guild environment
Promote communication and teamwork within the guild
Provide efficient and structured raid teams and times
Help with specing/gearing
Provide in-depth strategies on up-coming instance fights and bosses
Create and manage PvP teams
Smash through content

If interested in joining At Worlds End, Please go here

Send me a PM letting me know that youre interested or have any questions!


Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Zaethos, Oct 15, 11 8:13 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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